Watch as subway passengers unite to recover stolen phone from peevish fruit eater

In this video (also posted below), we see a man who has stolen a phone being followed by his victims. At first, the thief denies taking the phone, then he claims he threw the phone away. Next, he asserts he gave the phone to a stranger before threatening to hit the victims for following him.

All the while, the thief is nonchalantly eating an orange, taking particular pleasure in the white pulp on the inside of the peel.

Eventually, some other people on the subway intervene. One of them pushes the thief, and another one extracts the phone from his pocket, which greatly displeases the thief.

Confronting a thief in this manner is not recommended because, as someone points out in the video, he could have a knife. Nonetheless, it certainly makes for interesting viewing!

to steal a phone
byu/GreenSnakes_ intherewasanattempt