Image sensor gadget gives old 35mm film cameras a digital upgrade

Ever dreamed of a camera sensor assembly so tiny that it fits behind a shutter curtain, allowing you to put your old film camera back into action? Your dream is coming true. The I'm Back Film project slots a modern sensor where the film used to go, and is live on Kickstarter as a $900 device.

Our story began back in 2016 when we unveiled our first handcrafted version, painstakingly programmed by none other than myself, Samuel Mello Medeiros. Progressing to the PRO version in 2018 marked a turning point for us ( me and my partner co-founder Filippo Nishino) – our initial foray into larger-scale production. We've embraced the lessons learned from our previous endeavors, and even in the face of a global pandemic, we survived!

In 2020, as the world grappled with an unprecedented global pandemic, we faced a challenge like no other. Yet, this adversity only served to strengthen us. We harnessed the lessons learned from our past endeavors and, undeterred by the hurdles, we pushed forward with unwavering determination. It was during this tumultuous time that we launched a triumphant campaign, rallying the support of backers who shared our vision. Against all odds, we accomplished our goals, bringing to live I'm Back®35 to propel now our dream forward.

The downsides: the rest of the hardware doesn't fit in the film chamber, there's an exterior assembly. It's resembles one of those battery packs you can slap on a DLSR. And the sensor is MFT, with a 2X crop factor on 35mm; it comes with a 0.45x wide-angle adapter.