Passengers raise a stink after poop found on floor of easyJet plane (video)

You never what you're going to find in the bathroom of an easyJet flight.

Last month, travelers had a good laugh when one of the bathroom doors opened up to expose a couple having a little too much fun. But this month, passengers about to take off from Tenerife to London over the weekend were less than buoyant when their flight was canceled — due to poop found on the bathroom floor.

"… rather entertaining to defecate the front toilet so we're now staying the night here. We're now going to get everyone off and organize hotels. Then we'll fly back tomorrow morning," said the flight attendant to a groaning crowd. (See video below, posted by kittystreekx.)

However, the promised hotels never materialized, forcing the weary travelers to get stuck at the airport overnight. "Due to extremely high demand, unfortunately, we're unable to find hotel rooms in the area," easyJet said in a statement, via the Daily mail.

From Daily Mail:

It wasn't enough to satisfy the outraged customers who had apparently been left on the flight with 'zero communication' before it was cancelled. 

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), one person wrote: 'Real good of @easyJet to delay the flight 3.5 hours with 0 communication then decide to cancel it altogether because someone took a s*** on the toilet floor. Quite literally couldn't make this s*** up.'

Another said: 'How is it OK to leave people sitting for hours on a plane, then tell them it's been cancelled, in the middle of the night in a different country?'

A third added: 'So we've been given the excuse of a toilet being defecated in for the reason for a CANCELLED flight?! 

'@easyjet this is UNACCEPTABLE!! Your customer care is ATROCIOUS. 100s of passengers left STRANDED in the airport terminal! Do something!!!!'

A fourth individual also thought to have been booked on the flight said: 'Utterly disgusting treatment of your customers.