Ohio attorney suspended for defecating in Pringles can and launching it into legal adversaries' car lot

The conduct of Ohio criminal defense attorney Jack A. Blakeslee was called into question after he shat in a Pringles can and threw it into the parking lot of a crime-victim advocacy center. Part of his defense, reports The Cincinnati Enquirer, was that he does it to everyone: he "had a habit of putting his feces in Pringles cans and randomly throwing them from his car." The States Supreme Court, however, determined that he purposely chose the Haven of Hope as his "drop zone."

Blakeslee had known the victim advocates at the center for years and was scheduled to see them in court 15 minutes after the Pringles deposit. At the time, Blakeslee was representing someone accused in a capital murder case.The court decided to suspend Blakeslee from the practice of law for one year, with six months of that suspension stayed. Blakeslee, of Caldwell, has been an attorney since 1976. He had no prior disciplinary action against him.

Once you poop, you can't stoop.