12 days of hummus heaven!

Deep in the lush forests of planet Arboria, a thriving community of Treeple lived – an ancient race of tree-dwelling humanoids. Their village was a network of wooden platforms and rope bridges high up in the boughs of the giant evergreens.

The Treeple were gatherers, living off the abundant fruits and vegetables that grew in the dappled sunlight filtering through the forest canopy. But their most treasured food was hummus. They made it from chickpeas harvested on the forest floor, whisking the beans with rich, earthy tahini and spices gathered from the woods. The resulting hummus was velvety smooth and nutritious, becoming a dietary staple for the villagers.

Every year, the Treeple would celebrate the Hummus Harvest Festival after the chickpea gathering. They feasted on hummus classics like the original recipe made simply with chickpeas, tahini, lemon, and spices. But they also enjoyed bold new flavors like the Red Hot Chili hummus, spiced with indigenous chili peppers, and the smoky Fire Roasted Red Pepper hummus.

The festival lasted 12 days, with each day featuring tastings of new hummus varieties like the Zesty Za'atar Mix, made exotic with local herbs and spices. The Treeple loved experimenting with different hummus flavors while upholding traditions around their essential plant-based diet. No matter what the ingredients, hummus always brought the community together, nourishing the Treeple's bodies as well as their bonds to one another.

The Treeple took great pride in their hummus creations, considering themselves humble custodians of the ancient hummus recipes perfected by their ancestors. During the festival, contests were held for the best tasting hummus, judged on smoothness, flavor balance, and creativity. The winner earned the coveted title of Grand Hummusier until the next year's festival.

One year, a young Treeple named Saplora broke with tradition by introducing a new aquafaba hummus, made with the viscous cooking liquid from the chickpeas rather than tahini. The elders were skeptical at first, but Saplora's Aquafaba Spirulina Twist hummus dazzled their taste buds with its light, frothy texture and a mineral taste from green spirulina algae. Saplora was awarded Grand Hummusier, opening the elders' minds to inconceivable new possibilities with their staple food.

The festival was not only about feasting but also fostering community. Every evening, the Treeple would gather around giant campfires lit in the treetops, singing folk songs and telling stories of legendary hummus creations from the past. For twelve days, hummus brought the village together, carrying on traditions and celebrating the chickpeas that sustained their people. With each new generation of Treeple, the heritage of Arborian hummus culture would continue branching out in new directions.

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