Ron DeSantis bashes Biden for flying migrants — stupidly forgetting he did the same (video)

If Gov. Ron DeSantis' campaign was on "life support," as one GOP strategist recently said, he's now tugging at his own plug, highlighting his own hypocrisy — not to mention stupidity — on Fox News yesterday.

On the topic of migrants at the Southern border, DeSantis thought he was really sticking it to President Biden when he scornfully told Sean Hannity, "If you think about it, illegal aliens come across the southern border, the federal government will fly them all over the country for free."

This, coming from the Florida man who spent more than $1 million of Florida taxpayer dollars to deceitfully transport migrants in order to own the libs. Somehow the flatlining candidate seems to think it's okay to "fly migrants all over the country for free" only if it's part of a cruel stunt. But in reality, it only reminds people of why they can't stand him. (See video below, posted by Aaron Rupar.)

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