Insomniac's Spider-Man 2 finally fixes the uncanny boat people

If you played Insomniac's critically acclaimed Marvel's Spider-Man video game (and even if you haven't), you may have heard of the so-called boat people: weird, NPCs out in the Hudson and East Rivers of the game's fictionalized New York City, who were never actually meant to be seen up close. Of course, players found a way to get there anyway, and the bizarre boat people (who only look that way to save on console resources) quickly became a meme, even returning in the next-gen remaster with "Did you miss us?" post-it notes attached.

With the expansion of the map to encompass Queens and Brooklyn in the upcoming sequel (which launches tomorrow!), however, the river has been made traversable, and the boat people have gotten a proper PS5 makeover. The original ones are probably still haunting the crowd in some Madden game somewhere.