Woman exacts revenge for 15 years on man who spit on her friend

Fifteen years ago, Linda Hurd was a college student enjoying a night at a comedy club when her friend accidentally knocked a drink onto some guy. The man—who Hurd later found out was another student at her school—became furious, called the woman a "stupid fat bitch," and spit on her.

"We move on with our night, we do not move on with our lives," Hurd said in a TikTok post that's gone viral. That night, she felt the relentless urge to exact revenge. And it lasted 15 years. From the New York Post:

Hurd tracked down the man's Facebook, where she noticed he was a massive fan of iconic shows "Breaking Bad" and "The Walking Dead."

Feeling vengeful, Hurd cleverly created fake Facebook accounts to spoil episodes on a weekly basis for both shows through direct messages[…]

Hurd then revealed the man ended up in her political science class, which afforded her another opportunity to continue her scheme.

"He is devil's advocate for everything," Hurd said. "Every trash opinion you could have, he has it."

"…One day he's firing up his PowerPoint to the projector for a class project and I see in his tab in his laptop right before it fires up [with] a little username," Hurd said. 

Thanks to her spying Hurd was able to track down the young man's Reddit account, she claims.

After a while of spamming his Reddit account with more TV spoilers, her grudge subsided. Then ten years later, a mutual friend mentioned on Facebook that she was engaged to the fellow. Hurd poked around on his still-active Reddit account and found "pretty sinister stuff" which she describes as "pictures that he's passing off as her [his fiancée]."

Hurd forwarded his real fiancée the posts which were apparently so offensive as to cause the woman to bail on the engagement. How did the story end?

"The last I checked, I saw her, she's got beautiful children and a thriving business and seems to have a happy marriage," Hurd says.

The TikTok video recounting the story is titled: "This is genuinely unhinged."