John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats becomes a singing, dancing ghost in new video, "Murder at the 18th Street Garage"

The Mountain Goats recently released the third single, and music video—Murder at the 18th Street Garage—from their forthcoming album, Jenny from Thebes. Lead singer John Darnielle explains the song:

Rather than being coy about it let me tell you that somebody gets killed in this song, which is, at best, a short-term solution to Jenny's problems, not that I'm saying she herself did anything. It's her word against his now and he can't talk anymore and she's long gone by the time the EMTs get to 18th Street. Under oath, I will testify that she was with me because I am with her. I knew when I wrote this tune that Wurster-Hughes Inc. would eat it up like a big tasty snack, and guess what, they did. Lace up your dancing workboots but wear some inserts because this one's a sprint.

Stereoboard describes the song:

Coupling elements of punk and folk, Murder at the 18th Street Garage offers storytelling lyrics over relentless percussion and effervescent, driving guitars. 

The video is ridiculously weird, featuring a ghost-like Darnielle apparition singing and dancing his little heart out, plenty of blood splatter, and some questionable and ineffective-looking crime cleanup. In other words, I loved it!