The Sudha Cars Museum has hundreds of wacky cars on display

The Sudha Cars Museum in Hyderabad, India has hundreds of wacky cars on display. Sudhakar Kanyaboyina has been creating amazingly unusual cars and bikes since he was 14. He has a cas shaped like shoes, food, sports balls, pencils, plants, and more. He also has the world's largest tricycle in his museum, which he runs with his daighter.

The cars all look like so much fun to drive around. I want to visit this incredible place!

From Youtube:

"What's the craziest looking car you've ever driven?

Our latest contributor has driven the wackiest looking vehicles. Literally. We're talking burgers, pencils and even…a snooker table. In Hyderabad, India you can find the world's first and only handmade wacky car museum called Sudha Cars Museum. Meet Sudhakar Kanyaboyina, the mastermind who from the age of 14, turned his imaginative designs into bicycles and wacky cars. With hundreds of ambitious and creative designs, including the worlds largest tricycle, he eventually had enough to open his own museum with his daughter.  

His drive for creating the world's wackiest cars isn't exhausted yet and we know you'll be revved up for this Great Big Story."