Watch this "legendary takoyaki food truck master" in action

Watching this "legendary takoyaki food truck master" making his featured dish is mesmerizing—and it's making me hungry! South Korea-based Seagull Food uploaded the clip onto their YouTube page, which features all sorts of street food. The videos are delectable–you definitely shouldn't peruse them on an empty stomach!

I love watching this takoyaki pro—he butters the molds, pours the batter, drops octopus pieces into each mold, adds seasonings, and fills up the rest of the mold to create the signature round shape. Around 3:15, he uses chop sticks to flip the takoyaki as they cook. Once they're done he dishes them up, then adds sauce and dried bonito. They look so delicious, I wish I could reach through my screen and sample them!

For more videos of delicious street food, check out Seagull Food's YouTubeInstagram, or TikTok.