50 Years of Text Games book available as softcover

50 Years of Text Games, Aaron Reed's thick book based on his excellent newsletter about the history of text-based computer games, is now available again after the first run sold out immediately. It's also less expensive in its new softcover, print-on-demand black and white edition, at $50, which includes a full-color PDF. (previously at Boing Boing)

A casebound hardcover (think high school textbook; pictured above) and softcover version are both available. They are the both same dimensions as the original crowdfunded print edition softcover (8" x 10") with near-identical interior content other than a few small corrections, containing all 640 pages of interactive fiction history goodness from the original printing. Due to different paper stocks in the print-on-demand world, this edition is actually significantly thicker than the original print run, so you'll be able to impress your friends and colleagues and distress your coffee table even more.

It's brilliant. Get it.