Drunk driving drama caught on bodycam — woman crashes car and resists arrest

Police bodycam videos are interesting to me for several reasons. We get to see the things police deal with daily, how suspects respond to questioning, the real-time decisions officers must make in high-stress situations, human behavior under pressure, and other societal dynamics at play.

This video starts with an officer talking to a young woman, wearing pajamas, standing next to a car that she had just driven into a tree. It looks like she hit the tree hard — most of the car's airbags were deployed. The officer wearing the bodycam asks her what happened and she explains that she swerved to avoid an oncoming car that had crossed into her lane. The officer tells her that she smells of alcohol and asks her if she had been drinking that evening. She assures the officer that she hasn't consumed any alcohol. But when the officer looks in the car, he finds an open bottle of wine and a plastic cup filled with wine.

As the officer continues to talk to the woman, her phone rings and she answers it. The officer tells her to stop talking on the phone, but she ignores him. He grabs the woman's arm and tells her she's under arrest. She resists and haughtily protests, telling the officer not to touch her. He wrestles her to the ground and she starts screaming, and continues to resist and shout as he leads her into the patrol car.

When the woman is searched, they find the wine bottle's cap in her pocket.