Texas mom arrested after her bully-revenge drink hospitalizes child

A bully at a Texas K-8 public school kept stealing a classmate's drink, so the bullied kid's mother concocted a foul-tasting beverage in the hope of teaching the bully a lesson. Instead, the bully was sent to the hospital and the mother was arrested and charged with injury to a child.

Jennifer Lynn Rossi, 45, created a drink containing lemon juice, vinegar, salt, and Gatorade. She instructed her son to give this concoction to his school bully at Legacy Traditional School – Alamo Ranch, near San Antonio.

According to a Bexar County Sheriff's Office press release posted to Facebook, "Shortly after the child consumed the drink, he began experiencing nausea and a headache." The sheriffs' office said it conducted an investigation and learned that the mother had " intentionally mixed the contents of the drink to allegedly prevent her son's drink from being stolen at school by other students." It also stated the the bully had been hospitalized. "Hospital staff informed the investigator that the child victim required additional medical monitoring and would eventually be discharged from the hospital."

The general sentiment in the Facebook comments regarding the incident seems to support the mother's intention, if not her method, criticizing the school's handling of bullying and questioning the severity of the legal response to Rossi's actions.

Some users express sarcasm about law enforcement priorities, as seen in Ryan Samery's comment: "Way to keep the streets safe guys! I know this is top priority right now in San Antonio." This sentiment is echoed by others who believe the police could focus on more severe crimes.

Several comments argue that the child who stole and drank the beverage should also face consequences. Roxanne Ibarra states, "That's crazy. I think the student that is stealing the water bottles should get in trouble as well."

There is also a sentiment that the mother was trying to protect her son in the absence of effective school intervention. Justine Alvarez-Gonzalez writes, "Apparently the bully has parents that work at the school, that explains so much more. School was protecting the bully. Mom should be released and the bully out into juvy for stealing."

However, a few users like GA Ranch believe, "She belongs in jail."

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