Boston reporter and soap opera star try to find the elusive Bigfoot of New England

Bridgewater, Massachusetts is a town of roughly 28,000 people on the South Shore of Boston. It is the home of the Bridgewater Triangle, which has been called "one of the world's most concentrated areas of diverse paranormal reports," according to, which is almost certainly a reliable source for reporting such things. Among the cryptids spotted in this New England are the infamous pukwudgie, the rare Thunderbird, and the crowning glory of all scary urban legends—a Bigfoot, also known as the MASSquatch. Or possibly Squatchachusetts?

WBZ-News reporter Matt Shearer—who's carved out a wonderful niche for himself as the go-to guy for viral Masshole news hits—recently explored the Bridgewater Triangle, with a little help from actress Anneke Noelle, known for her work on The Brave & The Bold.

Clearly, the fahkin truth is wicked out there, kid. Or maybe it's just rejected version of Wally, the Red Sox mascot?

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