Bigfoot caught on camera peeping on a Virginia woodsman and howling into the night (video)

A fellow working at a sawmill in southwestern Virginia spotted some unusual tracks in the brush. A few days later, he noticed what might be a Bigfoot peeking at him from behind a tree. Fortunately, he was able to snap a photo. Unfortunately, the photo, as seen below, is quite grainy. Later that night, he recorded the Bigfoot's creepy calls. Consider the "evidence" in the video below.

From Coast to Coast:

"When I would look, it would hide," Harley recalled, though noted that "luckily, I got a picture." Although he initially thought that the possible creature could have been a bear, the witness insists that "the way it acted and moved" convinced him that this was not the case. Later that evening, Harley's experience became even weirder when he heard a series of haunting howls emanating from the nearby woods. 

illustration: Raggedstone/Shutterstock