"Sushi Artisan" makes the most beautiful food I've ever seen

Adam Watanabe, aka "Sushi Artisan," is a sushi creator and graphic designer who describes himself as "just a guy that loves sushi" and his work as "telling stories through sushi." He makes the most amazing, intricate, and delicious-looking sushi creations—he's truly a sushi artist extraordinaire. I just scrolled through his Instagram, which is filled with his mind-blowing sushi creations—I've never quite seen anything like them!

Catalina Offshore Products provides this brief description of Watanabe and his work:

From his grandmother's kitchen to his first high school job in a Japanese restaurant, Adam Watanabe, the artist behind Instagram's @sushiartisan, got a taste for great sushi.

When the boss of that first job turned to him after two chefs quit and said, "Looks like you're going to start making sushi"—a lifelong passion for sushi was born!

Today, Adam is an established graphic designer. Though he finds great satisfaction in his job, he found that he missed making sushi. Through that realization, Sushi Artisan was born combining his two passions—design and sushi.

If you don't have Instagram to view his amazing creations, you can check out this video instead, posted by Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada, where you can see Adam in action!

Now I'm super hungry for some sushi!