Woman repeatedly faints on terrifying slingshot ride

Witness the harrowing ordeal of two sisters taking an extreme, adrenaline-pumping ride. Strapped into an open-air capsule, tethered to nothing but two giant elastic bands, the pair prepare to be shot high into the air.

The woman on the left is a bundle of nerves; her voice shakes as she pleads with her sister, "I don't want to do this." Her sister, attempting to ease her fears, assures her, "It's not scary." However, her words do little to calm her.

Suddenly, the capsule lurches into motion, catapulting skyward with the force of a rocket. An ear-piercing scream rips through the air as the woman instantly loses consciousness. Her head lolls, her limbs flailing limply.

In a disturbing cycle of fear and unconsciousness, she wakes, screams, and faints again. This sequence repeats itself ten times. What fun!