Florida Neo-Nazi jailed for littering after leaflets thrown on lawns

Neo-Nazis have the First Amendment right to spew their hate, but not to spew leaflets onto people's lawns. Jon Minadeo II, founder of the "Goyim Defense League," is off to jail for 30 days on a littering charge. Here's video of him being cuffed and taken to the clink after the conviction.

Prosecutors said the contents of the flyers did not come into play during the trial.

"We used this charge of littering because it was the only tool in our arsenal against these hate-mongers. Now, because of a bill sponsored by Rep. Mike Caruso, we have new arrows in our quiver," Palm Beach State Attorney Dave Aronberg said in a news conference Thursday. "We have new powers to go after these individuals criminally for spreading their filth."

Minadao's arrest and sentencing came after the passage of HB 269, which makes distributing hateful materials a felony. Rep. Mike Caruso introduced the bill in direct response to the rise of antisemitism in Florida.

"We will not be intimidated by antisemitism, we will push back strongly," Aronberg said.

Please note that they do, unequivocally, get to say the Thing in the Place.

Here's more about the League's littering activities.