Delaware bans smoking when kids are in the vehicle

If you see kids in Delaware this winter standing outside cars with a parent inside, smoking, you know who to blame: Governor John Carney, who signed a law that bans smoking in any vehicle in the state when children are present. Won't someone think of the children?

The bill notes that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention "asserts that there is 'no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke' and 'even brief exposure can cause immediate harm'." And, it would prohibit smoking in any vehicle where a minor is present "whether it is in motion or at rest."

Smoking tobacco from any source — the legislation doesn't specify cigarettes, cigars or vapes — would be banned in any vehicle when someone under the age of 18 is present.

Also, the legislation would include any motor vehicle driven on a public roadway, though anything "moved by animal power, human power, electric bicycles, off-highway vehicles, special mobile equipment and farm equipment," would be exempt from this legislation.

I want to see some enforcement of the "animal power" provision, with footage!