Drama persists as the Brentwood Airbnb squatter moves out

Elizabeth Hirschhorn, the Brentwood, California Airbnb squatter who recently made the news, has moved out of her unit, but has not given up her rights to maintain it as her residence!

Airbnb landlord Sascha Jovanovic got his hopes up when he saw movers entering the illegal unit he was renting to Hirschhorn, believing she was moving out and releasing the unit back to him. While her possessions may be out of the unit Hirschhorn's attorney, has said she is not releasing the unit and simply moved out due to mold, harassment, and other issues making the home unliveable. This is likely a strategy to get the nearly $60k in back rent negotiated down or forgiven.


Jovanovic and Rucci said they hadn't heard anything from either Hirschhorn or her legal team, so they assumed she had moved out for good. On Saturday, Rucci emailed Hirschhorn's attorney, Amanda Seward, to figure out the next steps regarding Jovanovic's eviction lawsuit against Hirschhorn.

"My review of the case law is that once a tenant abandons the unit, the unlawful detainer is dismissed. If you wish, I can file the dismissal, or we can file a joint dismissal," Rucci wrote.

Seward replied that they "may have jumped the gun," according to the email exchange reviewed by The Times.

"Ms. Hirschhorn had discussed with me concern over the constant harassment and surveillance, and also the desire to get the things repaired that needed to be repaired. Subject to my discussions with Ms. Hirschhorn, please be advised that you have no authority to change the locks or to assume abandonment of the unit," Seward wrote. "Further, you have violated the law by entering without permission and changing the locks."

Neither Hirschhorn nor Seward immediately responded to a request for comment.

Rucci said he's planning to drop the unlawful detainer lawsuit, assuming Hirschhorn has moved out for good. But he'll still pursue damages in a separate lawsuit, since he claims Hirschhorn owes roughly $58,000 in unpaid rent. Hirschhorn said she owes nothing since Jovanovic never had a license to rent the unit, and her lawsuit accuses him of multiple forms of harassment and intimidation in attempts to get her to leave the place, which Jovanovic has denied.

Jovanovic no longer has plans to rent the unit, instead turning it into a playspace for his adolescent children.