Kevin Bacon the Pig lured home with Benadryl after 3 week bender

In early October, a pig named Kevin Bacon — yes, really — escaped from his home in Adams County, Pennsylvania, and took off on a bender. As WCAX3 explained:

Kevin Bacon the pig's family got him on Oct. 13 after he needed to be rehomed due to feeding costs, but by the next day, the pig had dug under his pen and escaped.

"He rooted underneath a post and removed it from the ground and then went under that area of the fence," said Chelsea Rumbaugh, Kevin's owner.

Kevin was on the lam for 18 days. His family says they would see him almost every day, but he would either run away into the woods or avoid their traps.

"He definitely enjoyed the cat-and-mouse game," Rumbaugh said. "We got a net. He stepped around it. At the slightest crunch of a branch or a tree or leaves, he would book it."

After 18 days on the lam (lamb?), Kevin Bacon the Pig was finally lured home after his new owners offered him a sticky bun laced with (supposedly pet-safe) Benadryl. According to the aforementioned WCAX3, "the treat tired him out enough that he just wandered right back into his pen without a fight."

So what's in store for Kevin Bacon's piggy future? His new owners are planning to convert their farm into a sanctuary where they can train animals to help humans who are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression.

Surely Kevin Bacon will be the star of that retreat.

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