Just look at Stephen Sondheim's two homes

Writer Mark Evanier points out that the two homes of composer/lyricist Stephen Sondheim, who died two years ago, are available to be viewed online. Link to the post on Mark's great blog, "News from ME," is here.

Sondheim's townhouse on East 49th Street in New York City has been purchased (not by me, I'm happy where I am), but photos and an video tour are still online at the realtor's site and offer a thorough look at how he lived. Which is pretty spectacularly. The link is here.

His country home, in Roxbury Connecticut (about 80 miles northeast of the city), is currently up for sale, and you can poke around photos of the interior and exterior of the house all you want here.

Sometimes being a genius pays off.

Here is a video from The New York Times about Sondheim, from a year ago.