Minnesota is looking for a new state flag design and crowd-sourcing did not disappoint, resulting in some "absurd" and "ridiculous" designs

The State Emblems Redesign Commission has been tasked with developing and adopting a new design for Minnesota's official state seal and state flag. According to the Commission, the new designs "must accurately and respectfully reflect Minnesota's shared history, resources, and diverse cultural communities." 

The Commission recently solicited designs and received more than 2,600, which are now available online for public comment. The design contest was open to the general public, and, as usual, the general public did not disappoint. CBS News reports that the commission has posted 2,123 flag designs and 398 seal designs on its website for the public to peruse, and that the entries range from "reverent, to just plain ridiculous."  

USA Today describes some of the designs as "absurd," explaining:

Since the submissions were open to the public in the year 2023, there were bound to be submissions that stretched the limits of what can be put on a flag. Minnesotans didn't disappoint, offering up artist statements, textures and a very good dog.

I, personally, love the ridiculous ones. Here are my favorites:

F41: A photo of woodgrain

F59: The words "Minnesota Republic" with an image of a giant mosquito

F92: Two disgruntled koi 

F253: The state shape with a funny face, set on a chaotic background of tie dye with traditional Chinese characters that translate to "peace, joy, build an independent country"

According to CBS News, the public can currently provide comment on the designs, and the Commission will narrow the choices down to the top 25 by mid-November, and will then choose five finalists. The Commission will submit a report to the state legislature by January 1, 2024 announcing the winning designs, and the new seal and flag will be adopted by May 11, 2024, which is Minnesota Statehood Day.  

You can look at the entries here. I can't wait to see what the Commission chooses.