Massive flash and boom recorded over Minnesota remains a mystery (video)

On Monday, residents of Beltrami County, Minnesota reported a bright flash in the sky followed by a massive boom.

"It was very violent," said the county's public information officer Chris Muller. "It actually shook the windows and rattled the dishes in the kitchen. 

Security cams recorded the experience and you can watch above. Thing is, nobody can identify the source. According to scientists that were consulted, it wasn't a meteor. And Muller says there's no evidence that it was a blown electrical transformer, either.

"I am flabbergasted at what this could be. I have a hard time imagining that anyone is flying supersonic aircraft over northern Minnesota. But I have no clue." Minnesota State University Moorhead astronomer and physicist Juan Cabanela told KVRR.

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illustrative feature image: vijaifoon13/Shutterstock