RetroTINK recreates the beauty of CRT displays for serious and seriously deep-pocketed retrogamers

Pixel-peeping retrogamers know the joy of thrifting that exact 2007-era Dell LCD with both the right shape and a high-enough resolution to not look skanky when upscaling ancient arcade and console games to fill it. Some of us even go as far as to buy, hack or DIY upscalers to connect them to the original outputs of real arcade games and consoles—emulation be damned. But I don't think I've ever seen anything quite so fancy as RetroTINK, a 4k upscaler with all the bells and whistles you know and a bunch I'd never considered.

One could be yours for $750 when it arrives next month—but it's likely to sell out immediately given the beauty of its perfectly-modeled virtual phosphors.

The TINK-4K will have advanced CRT simulation options including customizable scanlines, phosphor masks, and even beam mis-convergence … the RT4K has the necessary resources to output true, Rec. 709 to Rec. 2020 color-corrected HDR output that really bridges the gap between digital displays and CRTs. The RT4K also has controls for advance color gamut correction to simulate various display technologies, such as CRTs at a D93 point.

WITHNAIL: Balls. We want a sub-32" 4k OLED display with a 4:3 aspect ratio. We want it here and we want it now.

PROPRIETOR: Call the police, Miss Blennerhassit.

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