Gen Zers are reportedly paying top dollar for vintage refurbished iPods

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that vintage iPods are all the rage with kids these days — a trend the Inquirer first picked up when Philly-based Urban Outfitters began selling refurbished models on its website:

Check on your millennial friends today. Urban Outfitters is calling their old MP3 players "vintage."

Recently, the trendy fashion retailer for teens and young adults started selling discontinued models of Apple iPods for steep markups.


One listing for a fourth-generation iPod Classic from 2004 calls the device a "genuine piece of vintage retro tech" and says it's the "perfect blend of new millennium design with modern features."

A blue, first-generation iPod mini from 2004 appears to have sold listed for $199.

(Worth noting that the Inquirer does not present any specific evidence that this is indeed a Gen Z trend, or if that's just the assumption)

While Urban does not currently have any iPods for sale, you can find similar refurbished options fetching similar prices on Amazon. A 160GB iPod Classic in black — the kind I think I do still have in a box somewhere — is available for $300, while a 30GB iPod Video 5th Gen is asking $142. Meanwhile, a 7th generation iPod Touch with a 256GB hard drive — literally just a stripped-down iPhone without cellular capabilities — is currently going for a whopping $410.

As Elle Magazine notes, wired headphones are all the rage these days:

It's not just an accessory anymore, it's an attitude. Wired headphones not only amplify the 'cool kid' tendency to not be influenced by new trends but also highlights the way Gen Z likes to merge the past and the present– think '90s inspired beaded phone charms on iPhone 13s. It's the age of 'newstalgia' where nostalgic elements are combined with futuristic features. 

What's less clear is where all of these people are finding those old wide Apple USB cords that were discontinued in 2013.