Plane pandemonium: screaming woman's kidnapping claim sparks mid-air chaos (video)

A woman started screaming on a Frontier Flight. "Stop blocking me! I've been f*cking kidnapped," she hollered before trying to punch a crew member.  She had to be restrained by the crew after trying to climb over seats.

Another woman started singing gospel songs and paced up and down the aisle, saying the screaming woman was the devil and was going to kill everyone on board, and attempted to convert passengers to Christianity.

Others joined the merriment with shouts and threats. The 5-minute fracas was caught on video.

Here's a small segment of the action as reported in The Daily Mail:

The video then cuts to an apparent confrontation between a man in a white baseball cap and a member of staff in a collared shirt. Other passengers are shouting. Some have their phones raised, capturing the chaos as it unfolds in front of them.

'Make him get off too! Make him get off too!' another passenger shouts.

Seeing that they are distracted, the woman begins to climb over the seats, hoisting her legs over and falling sideways. Other passengers rise and scramble into the aisle to get away as the woman clambers forward. She is eventually pulled back into the aisle before collapsing into a seat. As a female voice in the back of the plane begins to shout, the camera swings, revealing a woman in a pair of sunglasses.

'Straight Texas style! Imma beat yo a**!' she yells.

A saga on Frontier Airlines
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