Drift off to sleep with this "Studio Ghibli Deep Sleep Piano Collection" playlist

This playlist—the Studio Ghibli Deep Sleep Piano Collection—is just what I needed after a long day of work. Even just a few seconds in, I could feel my shoulders relaxing, my breaths getting deeper, and my anxious thoughts drifting away. The playlist was created by kno Music, which provides this description on its YouTube page:

kno Music will take you to the soothing and relaxing world to deliver you the finest sleep and calmness. Please enjoy the world of kno Music and always hope you have a wonderful day. Every music is genuinely arranged, composed, and performed by kno. 

The Studio Ghibli Deep Sleep collection is just over three hours long and includes so many of my favorite Ghibli songs—My Neighbor Totoro (From "My Neighbor Totoro"); Mother (From "My Neighbor Totoro"); The Path of the Wind (From "My Neighbor Totoro"); Been Enveloped by Tenderness (From "Kiki's Delivery Service"); Waltz of Chihiro (From "Spirited Away"); Rond of the Sunflower House (From "Ponyo"); The Promise of the World (From "Howl's Moving Castle"), and many more. And there are no mid-roll ads to wake you if you happen to fall asleep while listening, which is just perfect.

I'm going to drift off to this tonight, and hopefully dream about snoozing on top of Totoro's giant fuzzy belly. Zzzzzzz….