Check out these fantastic holiday decorations, hand-made from tomato purée tubes

Check out these fantastic holiday decorations hand-made from tomato purée tubes. These decorations were created by Louise Lockhart, who goes by @theprintedpeanut on instagram. I love the way these look much more than store bought decorations, plus they are a great way to recycle. 

If you're looking to cheer up your home this year without spending tons of money on mass produced plastic decorations, you can make your own golden foil decorations out of purée tubes as well. Simply cut upon the tube, roll it out flat, use a pen or pointy tool to engrave your designs, and then cut them out and string them up (the video will show you the ropes).

From Instagram: "I have been making decorations from tomato purée tubes for years (since my mum taught me when I was a kid) and I'm happy to see new crafty ideas all over instagram now! I thought it was about time I made a garland using motifs that I use in my paper collage work, it was such fun to make! I will be running a decoration workshop on Saturday at @yspsculpture so looking forward to seeing what people create. I've got a blog post online showing you how to make a DIY bird if you fancy a go with more detailed instructions and a template to print off ✨ "