"Death diver" jumps belly-flop style from 11 stories high just for fun (video)

An adventurer from Norway intentionally spread his arms and legs, spread-eagle style, as he plunged into a freezing cold Norwegian fjord over the weekend from a 132-foot-high platform. That's about 11 stories high.

Known as "death diving," the stunt looks just like a belly flop (ouch!). But when done correctly, the diver actually curls up right before hitting the water to prevent any real damage.

And although 35-year-old Ken Stornes shouted twice after he smacked into the water, it was hard to see him and his expression at this point in the video. But I assume (hope!) his loud utterances were an expression of jubilation rather than sheer pain. After all, he did manage to beat the world record — and lived to celebrate it! (The clip below, posted by Xplore, was originally posted here on Instagram by Stornes.)

Front page thumbnail image: Stacey Lynn Payne / shutterstock.com