In "Northbound," Jan Hakon Erichsen perfects the art of bread crushing

Back in 2019 we featured the very cool Rube Goldberg machines that artist Jan Hakon Erichsen creates for his "Destruction Diaries" series. I'm happy to report that Jan is still creating terrific art, including this recent work, titled "Northbound," that he created during a five-week stint in Norway in Summer 2023 as part of the Salangen Biennale and Ipihan #13. 

The piece features a similar destruction vibe as his previous work, and while the balloons he typically favors do appear, "Northbound" mainly features lots of loaves of bread, along with wood, rocks, wind, leaves, flowers, and more. I love watching him incorporating all of these elements of nature, and the outdoor setting makes the action even more intense. These comments on the video really sum up the vibe:

They said it couldn't be done! Bread-based, Goldbergian vignettes in an óútside setting?! Madness! Yet here he is, with a bold new challenge to the form. Bravo! Keep 'em coming, this is highly therapeutic!

Really appreciate your work for speaking to those unspeakable feelings 

I really love the simple strangeness of your work! Having it suddenly be set outside in Norway incorporating all of these natural and derelict objects and spaces was a great addition…and I'm glad you got what I'm sure was an enjoyable adventure out it too!

His website provides this bio:

Jan Hakon Erichsen is a Norwegian artist who works within a variety of media focusing on topics like fear, anger and frustration. He has spent several years perfecting a D.I.Y aesthetic with found objects being the main source of work material. Erichsen has exhibited widely in Norwegian and international galleries and partaken in numerous international video festivals after he finished his education at the National Academy of Arts in Oslo. At the moment his main focus is making short destruction videos which he posts everyday on his Instagram account.

To see more of his work, check out his websiteInstagram, or YouTube