Watch Google's new AI assistant show off its capabilities in mind-blowing demo

Google just introduced Gemini, it's new artificial intelligence assistant, and a video demonstration revealed its incredible capabilities in interpreting and responding to various visual and verbal cues.

Here's a closer look at the intriguing interaction between a human and Gemini that Google posted to YouTube.

The video starts with a human participant initiating the test. "Tell me what you see," they say, placing a Post-it note on the desk and drawing a squiggle. Gemini responds promptly, "I see you placing a piece of paper on the table. I see a squiggly line."

Curious to test Gemini further, the human keeps drawing until the squiggle looks like a duck. Gemini says, "The contour lines are smooth and flowing with no sharp angles or jagged edges. It looks like a bird to me." To add to the scenario, the human draws waves next to the duck, leading Gemini to interpret, "the bird is swimming in the water. It has a long neck and beak; it is a duck."

The human places a blue rubber duck on the desk. Gemini exclaims, "What the quack? I was just talking about a blue duck and now you're holding one. It looks like blue ducks are more common than I thought." When asked if the duck would float, Gemini reasons, "I'm not sure what material it's made of. But it looks like it might be rubber or plastic." The human squeezes the duck, making it squeak, and Gemini concludes, "Oh, if it's squeaking, it's definitely going to float. It is a rubber duck. It is made of a material that is less dense than water."

The human then asks Gemini to translate "duck" into different languages, and Gemini obliges by displaying various translations. The human inquires about the Mandarin word, and Gemini explains, "Yatta is pronounced with the first tone. In Mandarin. There are four tones which are essential to distinguish the meaning of words. The first tone is a high-level tone."

The human places a paper map of the world on the desk and places the duck in the middle of the ocean. Gemini quickly assesses, "The duck is in the middle of the ocean. There is no land nearby for the duck to rest or find food. It is unlikely to find ducks here naturally."

The human then challenges Gemini with a game idea using the map. Gemini suggests, "How about this? We can play a game called guess the country?" The game begins with Gemini providing a clue about a country known for kangaroos, koalas, and the Great Barrier Reef, to which the human correctly points to Australia.

The human scrunches up the map into a paper ball, hides it under a paper cup, and shuffles it around with two other cups. Gemini accepts the challenge and successfully identifies the correct cup.

The video continies with the human engaging Gemini in a game of rock-paper-scissors and making hand shapes that Gemini identifies as a butterfly and a dog, among other activities. If Gemini really is this powerful when it's released to the public, it's going to leapfrog open AI ChatGPT.