Modern displays designed to look good with old computers

The Checkmate A1500 Plus is a new display designed to complement old computers. Beige, blocky and beautiful, it comes in 19" and 17" models, 5:4 and 4:3 aspect ratios in appropriate resolutions, classic and modern inputs, built-in speakers, and IPS panels with wide viewing angles. You can even use the faux-CRT monitor boxes to house computers—small ones. The Kickstarter's come and gone; good luck finding one!

What we are building is a modular display platform to take us into the future of retro computing and gaming or as we say, "Yesterday's Technology Tomorrow". It's the base on which to build your own future proof display solution based on what you need, and with great build quality and good looks. And it's flexible and upgradable enough for it to last you a lifetime.

Embedded below, a good video covering the product by Nostalgia Nerd on YouTube. Look at all those ports! There's a full-size SCART hole. The only flaw I imagine is that modern off-white plastics won't oxidize to the classic Age of Beige patina.