Rotten news for Newsmax: Dominion gets access to journalists' text messages

In 2021, Dominion Voting Systems filed a $1.6 billion lawsuit against Newsmax Media, claiming the far-right news channel had defamed it by falsely claiming it had rigged the election.

Last week, a Delaware judge ruled that Newsmax had to turn over the personal communications and text messages of Newsmax Media journalists.

From NBC News:

In legal filings, Newsmax said it was unable to obtain and deliver employees' private communications on personal devices, arguing it had "no legal right or practical ability to obtain this data."

It also argued it wasn't required to give Smartmatic, another voting company maker suing the conservative news network, access to personal cellphones in a similar case, and shouldn't be forced to do so in this case.

But Judge Eric Davis, the Delaware Superior Court judge who oversaw Dominion's case against Fox News and Fox Corporation earlier this year, disagreed with their argument and ruled on Dec. 1 that the company did in fact have to comply with a court order requiring such materials.

One can only wonder what kind of creepy crawlies will emerge when the slimy rock is overturned.

When Dominion sued Fox News for telling similar lies, it coughed up $787.5 million in a settlement the same day the trial was about to begin. Newsmax doesn't have Murdoch's billions, so if it loses the case, it could tank the company.