The Arizona Daily Star collaborates with local artists to turn newspaper into wrapping paper

How cool is this? The Arizona Daily Star collaborated with local Tucson artists to create holiday wrapping paper. Each day between December 3 and December 14, a full page of wrapping paper is included in the print newspaper. You can also visit the website to download each day's featured art-as-wrapping-paper.

The Arizona Daily Star provides more details:

Tucson artists who give us the gift of visual feasts every day in the form of murals, paintings, custom stickers, shirts and more have generously stepped up to help you with your wrapping needs.

The Arizona Daily Star has teamed up with 12 local artists to bring you 12 Days of Cheer. The artists have agreed to share a piece of work from their portfolios to be turned into Tucson and Arizona-themed holiday wrapping paper.

The artists featured include Diana MadarasLauri KayeChuck WatkinsJacqueline ChandaGerald DawavendewaNathalie Aall, Elishka Jepson, Serena Rios McRae, Mel Dominguez, Neil Myers, Pen Macias, Ashley Chamberlain. (Click on the links to see each artist's contribution).

I just love this idea, and wish more papers would follow suit. What a terrific way to encourage DIY gift wrapping while also supporting local artists. I love everything I've seen so far, but I have to admit, Chuck Watkins' images of javelinas wearing Santa hats (slay on, queens!) have totally won me over!