POV: You're a checked bag on your way to the airplane (video)

What's the journey like for your luggage as it travels from check-in to the airplane cargo hold? Below is a suitcase's eye-view through the bowels of the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

From the Dallas Morning News:

At American Airlines, there's a structured process to get checked baggage through 20 miles of conveyor belts in the five terminals of DFW Airport. On some of the Fort Worth-based carrier's busiest days, that could mean over 80,000 bags a day.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics' Air Travel Consumer Report noted that American and its codeshare partners loaded over 51 million bags onto planes over the first six months of the year. Of those, 418,487 were "mishandled,"meaning about 1 in every 131 pieces of checked luggage was lost, delayed, damaged or stolen.

(via DIGG)