This six-year-old now holds the women's world record for the speediest solving of a Rubik's Cube

At the recent World Cube Association Rubik's Cube International Open in Singapore, Cao Quixian set the new women's world record of 5.97 seconds. She is six years old. Watch below.

The 5.97 is an average time after five rounds. For her next trick, she plans to beat the women's single-time record of 4.4 seconds.

From Oddity Central:

Qixian, who hails from China's Jiangsu Province, started playing with a Rubik's cube when she was only three, inspired by a cousin who taught her the art of 'speed-cubing', solving the world-famous puzzle as quickly as possible. However, after about a year, the girl got so good at it that her cousin had nothing to teach her anymore and her parents got her a speed-cubing coach. She enjoyed speed-solving the Rubik's cube so much that she practiced for two to three hours every day…