This kangaroo frolicking in the ocean is having the best day!

Have you ever seen a kangaroo frolicking on the beach and playing in the ocean? If not, feast your eyes on this awesome footage captured recently by Noosa North Shore Retreat, located on southern Queensland, Australia's Sunshine Coast.

When Noosa North Shore Retreat posted the video on their Instagram a week ago, they commented that the kangaroo was "channeling its inner Little Mermaid." The adorable creature sure looks like it's having so much fun!

Check out all the action in the video, below, and be on the lookout for kangaroos the next time you're in the ocean.


Greetings from where we'd all rather be … Noosa North Shore Retreat captured this cool video of a kangaroo making the most of the water. With Brisbane #expecting a top of 33 today (climbing to 35C on Sunday), who's keen for an early knockoff and swim?⁣ #noosa #noosanorthshore #queensland #sunshinecoast

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