Behold this echidna puggle ASMR

Here's a new video genre I can't get enough of: echidna puggle ASMR. Check out this adorable puggle named Milly absolutely going to town on a bowl of yummy goodness. Listen to Milly slurp it up as fast as Keeper Deb can dish it out. Milly is so cute, I cannot stop watching!

Milly was rescued by Taronga Zoo Sydney when found alone without its mom, and has been taken care of by Keeper Deb ever since, and continues to grow stronger with each passing day!

Taronga Zoo describes its vision:

Taronga has a deep commitment to conservation science. In Australia and internationally, we work with universities, governments and conservation partners to respond to challenges impacting wildlife and people. We also have a proud tradition of delivering conservation education programs that increase knowledge and awareness and inspire students to become global leaders in conservation. Taronga receives support from the NSW Government and the Taronga Foundation. Established in 2000, the Taronga Foundation raises funds for conservation, education programs and wildlife in our care.

See more of the adorable animals on Taronga's Instagram or Facebook.

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