Teacher arrested after threatening to behead muslim girl who criticized Israeli flag in his classroom

Benjamin Reese, 51, taught seventh grade at the middle school in Warner Robins, Georgia. But then he went and threatened to cut a kid's head off and got himself charged with terroristic threats and third-degree child cruelty. The 13-year-old child, a muslim, had said they were offended by the Israeli flag in Reese's classroom "due to Israelis killing (Palestinians)," according to reports.

Witnesses told police that they heard Reese shouting "profane threats" at three female students. He was quoted saying to one of them "You motherfing piece of shit! I'll kick your ass! I should cut your motherfucking head off!"

Reese began walking back to his classroom, the teacher added, when she says she heard him yelling, "She is a stupid motherf***er, and I will drag her by the back of my car and cut her f***ing head off for disrespecting my Jewish flag," the report stated.

A separate adult witness reported to the deputy she heard Reese yell at the student, "You don't make an antisemitic comment like that to a Jew," and later shouting in the hallway that he would "slit her f***ing throat" when talking about the students. That teacher said Reese was yelling loudly and cursing down the hallway back into his classroom.

When he was confronted by the school's principal and the school's resource officer, he reportedly got angry with them too, "kicked the door stopper in an aggressive manner", and demanded to know why the deputy was present. He found out why the deputy was present shortly thereafter and was taken into custody.

The school district said in a statement that "Mr. Reese has not been on the campus of Warner Robins Middle School since December 7, 2023" and that "safety and the well-being of our students and staff is our number one priority."