Avoid roaming charges when you travel with this eSim and data, less than half price now 

TL;DR: An eSIM on your phone lets you avoid roaming charges when you travel, and this aloSIM Traveler's Lifetime eSIM Plus Mobile Data Plan comes with $50 of data credit, on sale for just $19.97 right now. 

Forget sky-high roaming charges or not being connected when you travel internationally. The key is having a top-rated eSIM you can use on your phone, and aloSIM comes extremely highly rated. Even better, this aloSIM Traveler's Lifetime eSIM Plus Mobile Data Plan. usually $50, is on sale at a steal of just $19.97 – less than half price, with your mobile data included. 

With aloSIM on your phone, you're never more than a few taps away from affordable and reliable internet access, accessing data while you travel for work, vacation or anything in between. Say goodbye to crazy roaming charges and start using local data networks at local prices on your regular phone – and enjoy all the benefits having data at your fingertip has to offer, such as using your regular apps, maps, messaging and more (if you've ever been stuck desperately looking for a wi-fi hotspot in a foreign country, you'll know the struggle). 

Unlike traditional options, your aloSIM eSIM will never expire (although the data plans do), and there are absolutely no monthly charges. Just add a data plan using your aloSIM credit whenever you need it, with packages starting as low as $4.50 for seven days.

It works on smartphones, tablets, or your computer, as long as your device is eSIM compatible. And its reviews speak for themselves, with a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on the App Store and a 4.2 out of 5 star rating on the Google Play Store.

Plus, this special price drop includes a lifetime eSIM for just $19.97, and will give you $50 in eSIM data credit at the same time. 

Ditch the roaming blues with this aloSIM Traveler's Lifetime eSIM Plus Mobile Data Plan, on sale for $19.97 today (regular price $50). 

Prices subject to change.