It's easy to trick Chevrolet's AI chatbot into selling you a car for a dollar—but don't expect them to honor the deal

Enjoy today's example of prompt injection, courtesy of the mindless corporate thirst for replacing expensive humans with cheap machines. The links in this post go to Twitter, where rare joy is at hand. Chris Bakke is having AI's cake and eating Chevrolet's too:

Colin Fraser masterfully manipulated Chevrolet of Watsonville into a killer deal:

Roman Muller convinced it to sell him a Tesla:

The evening's winner though, is @long_and_soft, who was treated by Chevrolet to some furry Kimi Räikkönen fanfic. Bravo!

It appears individual dealerships are lumbered with this thing and have to turn it off separately, too.

Very eager to see Big Bill Hell's GPT-powered chatbot.