MAGA Hero Jason Whitlock slams women's right to vote (video)

Former football player turned MAGA hero Jason Whitlock took to the stage at Turning Point in Phoenix today to espouse his views on women having the right to vote: he's against it.

Here's what he told the cheering crowd:

And so they have recreated this history that, "Oh God, it was all just sexism. And we didn't have the right to vote until Susan B Anthony and the women's suffrage movement." And I will defend life before suffrage. Because a vote used to represent the family. When we were a culture that really valued family, and really understood the natural order that God intended — man serving God. Woman following man who serves God. Man and woman, developing and nurturing children. You only needed one vote per household, because that vote was about the entire family, as they have destroyed our family structure and made this all an individual pursuit. Now everybody has to have a vote. And everybody has an agenda that a lot of times has nothing to do with family, the risks and the sacrifices that men made for the advancement of this country and for the benefit of all of us.

Whitlock's remarks on women's suffrage are a gross misrepresentation of history. His view reduces the pivotal women's suffrage movement to mere sexism, ignoring its crucial role in championing the rights and dignity of half the population. His outdated perspective on gender roles harks back to a patriarchal society that MAGA cultists pine for, disregarding the modern understanding of gender equality and the equal capabilities of men and women.

His idea of a single male vote per household representing all family members is not only wrong but undermines the very essence of democracy, which thrives on individual representation and diverse perspectives. This stance negates the significant contributions of women throughout history and contradicts the fundamental democratic principle that every adult citizen, regardless of gender, has the right to vote.

Whitlock's regressive views are fundamentally at odds with the principles of modern democratic societies that uphold equality and inclusivity. In other words, they are pure MAGA.