MAGA merch at Trump Tower is Made in China (video)

In MAGA Land, China is viewed as a very bad country. It is always trying to cheat Americans and steal their jobs. That's why MAGA supporters buy all their clothes at the Trump Tower in New York. Donald Trump loves MAGA workers and only sells things made in MAGA Land.

Walter Masterson went to the Trump Tower to show folks all the wonderful Made-in-MAGA Land merchandise available there. The only problem is, everything he looked at, from hats to T-shirts to Donald Trump bobbleheads, all had tags that said "in the Republic of China."Made in China."

My guess is the merchandise was made in MAGA Land, but the tags were made in China. That's probably because Crooked Joe Biden made a deal with China. Once Trump is running things, he will make sure everything is made in MAGA Land!

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