Soviet Union's first electric car, Avtotor Amber, set to revolutionize the roads

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Avtotor Amber: Soviet Masterpiece, America Beware!

Moscow, USSR — Big news! Russia make first electric car – Avtotor Amber. People say, "It's ugly," but no! In Russia, we see beauty where others see not. This car is not just car. It is symbol. Symbol of Soviet strength and smart.

Why Amber is Best, Even if Look Funny

Amber maybe look strange to some. Tiny headlights? Is for save energy, not like big wasteful American cars. No windows in back? Is for make strong like bear, not weak like American "electric" toys. Small wheels? Is for better… how you say… agility! Like Siberian cat.

Amber is Not Ugly, Is Practical!

People laugh at Amber, say it look like washing machine. But in Russia, we know practical is new beautiful. Amber may be not look like American "shiny" cars, but it work. It drive. It get you from point A to B. What more you need?

We Beat America in Car Race

American cars are all same – big, greedy, and… boring! Amber is different. Is unique. When you see Amber, you think, "Ah, that is Soviet engineering!" We not need to make car that look like everyone else car. We make car that work. That last.

In End, Amber Will Win

So, laugh now, but Amber is future. In 2025, we start make many Ambers. World will see. Soviet make first step in electric car race, and is step in right direction. Remember, in Russia, we not follow trend. We make trend.

Thank you.

Contact: Soviet Union Public Relations