DeSantis tries his hand at observational humor, bombs (video)

In a cringeworthy attempt to channel Jerry Seinfeld, Ivy League educated Ron DeSantis expressed frustration over elites colluding with China, leading to poor-quality toys that break, ruining his family's Christmas experience.

From a campaign trail appearance in Iowa (video by Aaron Rupar below):

"I mean, there's different things like I, I mean, like I get frustrated with because, because it's Christmas time, you know, they'll, we'll get, we'll get the kids these toys, right? And some of 'em require like a lot of assembly. So I'm, and like, the, the instructions will be like, two point font, and it's like, not even very good stuff, and I'm just trying to find a new, a new, um, screwdriver, and this, and all the, and they don't have all the, all the, all the parts.

"So it's like, it's an inordinate amount of time to be able to get the kids whatever they, they get. And then it ends up breaking in two days anyways. And it's cause it's cheap stuff, uh, that, that comes from China, and it's just frustrating. So, but we've, the elites in this country have a lot [unintelligible]"

I guess it's funnier than than his other bit about how he will murder migrants with backpacks "stone cold dead."