One of Europe's most notorious cyber criminals gets prison time for stealing therapy notes of 33,000 people and attempting to extort them

Julius Kivimäki, a 26-year-old Finnish creep, has been sent to prison for hacking a psychotherapy firm and stealing intimate notes on over 33,000 patients, then trying to extort the company and individual victims for cash. When the company refused to pay his €400,000 ransom demand, Kivimäki went full supervillain. He emailed patients, threatening to publish their deepest secrets and therapy details on the dark web if they didn't cough up €200 each. Even after some of the victims paid, he posted the notes anyway.

This breach of trust so severely retraumatized victims that at least one person took their own life because of it, according to prosecutors.

In handing down its sentence, the court noted Kivimäki's "ruthless" exploitation of vulnerable people and hitting him with over 6 years in prison. 

According to the BBC, one of Kivimäki's victims, Tiina Parikka, said her life was turned upside down after receiving an email from Kivimäki threatening to reveal her therapy notes, causing her to "relapse into mental health problems that the therapy had initially helped her overcome."

"The main thing is that this absolutely empathy-lacking, ruthless criminal gets a prison sentence," she said. "After this there rise thoughts about how short the conviction is, when reflected against the number of victims. But, that's the Finnish law and I must accept that."

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