Hermes heir to bequeath half of $13 billion fortune to gardener

Nicolas Puech, 80, is a descendant of the founder of Hermes, and he plans to give much of his fortune to his gardener. Puech is cutting out his own foundation, too, in dividing up his $13 billion stake in the family business and other things. He does not have any children.

Swiss newspapers Tribune de Geneve and 24 heures reported the news earlier this month, describing the potential heir as Puech's "servant, former gardener and handyman." The charitable foundation is contesting Puech's plan to cut ties, which it says it learned of only recently. "From a legal point of view, a unilateral cancellation of the contract of inheritance seems void and unfounded," the organization said in a statement shared with CNN Wednesday. "The foundation has therefore opposed the cancellation of the contract, while leaving the door open for discussions with its founder."

I see you're fixing the fence, Ted.