Art collective MSCHF re-stocks its WD-40 cologne and adds a new scent to its collection–"Smells like Fabuloso"

If you've ever wanted to smell like the iconic all-purpose cleaner Fabuloso, now's your chance. MSCHF, the New York-based art and design collective that the New York Times describes as having "a rich history of trolling consumer culture, sometimes doing so by selling consumer goods," recently announced that it's not only restocking its WD-40 cologne (yes, you read that correctly), but it's also releasing a new fragrance—"Smells like Fabuloso."

If you don't know what Fabuloso is, Apartment Therapy provides a quick primer: 

Recognized for its iconic purple bottle and fragrant lavender scent, Fabuloso has been a staple cleaning product. It's especially celebrated in the Latinx community and used by parents and grandparents since the early '80s. Fabuloso is so popular that many people tie some of their clearest childhood memories to it. While food, music, and family traditions are the lead vehicle for nostalgia, cleaning rituals have ingrained a sense of pride and culture in many families — and this Latin-American brand quickly became a figurehead for it. 

Uncrate describes the new fragrance: 

MSCHF follows up its WD-40 cologne with another scent inspired by another household staple. Smells Like Fabuloso transforms the iconic multi-purpose cleaner into a lavender infused fragrance. To complete the homage, it's housed in a purple bottle with a yellow cap and packaged in a box with a pair of cleaning gloves on the front. The cologne can be purchased solo or bought in a bundle with the newly restocked Smells Like WD-40. 

I'm not really sure why anyone feels the need to make cologne that smells like the cleaning products or metal lubricants that hardworking people use for work or chores, and then to charge almost fifty dollars for it. It feels like yet another example of the commodification and glamorization of working-class style and material culture, like the workwear fashion I wrote about last year. Definitely count me out.

If you must, you can buy the MSCHF "Smells like Fabuloso" cologne or "Smells like WD-40" for $48 each (for a one-ounce bottle), or save nothing by buying the bundle, which goes for $96.